There are many servers companies available. There are dedicated servers and proxy servers are available. The dedicated servers are purchased in bulk and they are used for business and for personal websites.  In personal websites, there is not required to have dedicated servers, and server user group is enough. This could be used by a group. A group of people are using above servers. Server is shared for group and all group people are posting their particulars to see on internet. Internet is right media to place any product or service for sales.

Right products are sold in big market. Marketing trend is improving in internet media. Reason is both buyers and sellers are meeting and they are discussing about the business and finalizing business deal in micro seconds. Only they should have to meet, this is enough for buyers and sellers to finish their deals. In many cases, bargain buyers are there on internet these people are not finishing any deal with short time. They think more and more to place order for any company for their requirement. Further they need sample product for free to check. Once buyer is happy with sample product he orders for original products. In case, he is not satisfied with original products, he returns his products to buyers. In case, seller is not with return policy, same buyer is posting bad about his purchased products in reviews page.  This is bad reflection to a company. That company is slowing in business. Latter disappearing from internet based business; however the same person would be selling normal business on his shop, all his products.  Therefore, server is only helping for all above deals.

A server should have to be in good condition to take more loads. The straight servers would be able to take group of websites.  Group of websites are carried with word press media. Word press media is directing media to direct a website or group of websites in channel. Once a website or groups of websites are channelized it goes on top of search engines.  Ranking on search engine is big headache for seo, still he manages to bring groups also on top of search engines, in case server is loadable.
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